Passenger Cars and Trucks
Make your ride look like it just came off the showroom floor.

Commercial Vehicles
We also clean and restore commercial vehicles such as freight trucks, buses, RVs, tractors, boats and more...

Technicians use special tools to push the metal back to its original shape from behind the dent.


PDR has become widely adopted by car dealerships, rental agencies, auctions and consumers to help prepare vehicles for resale.

Our trained technicians take pride in showing clients how beautiful their homes and businesses really are underneath all of the dirt that builds up on exterior walls.

Dr. Clean offers concrete, deck and driveway cleaning and much more.

Swing by or make an apointment to have your car washed by the pros. We get the stuff that those drive-thru automatic washes leave behind.

Now Offering pick-up and drop-off
services to accomodate your busy
schedule. Nobody cleans it better! © 2017